CD: 3 Steps and a Bounce

  • CD: 3 Steps and a Bounce
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This lively CD, designed for children of all ages, includes songs about the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, Bible stories and how kids can heal.

Track Listing

1. 3 Steps and a Bounce                     Audio Sample

2. The Beatitudes                                Audio Sample

3. The 5 G's                                         Audio Sample

4. Daniel                                              Audio Sample

5. How Do You Know God is Love      Audio Sample

6. David and Goliath                            Audio Sample

7. Jonah                                               Audio Sample

8. Zacheus                                           Audio Sample

9. The 5 W's                                         Audio Sample

10. 10 Ways to be Happy                    Audio Sample

11. Never Alone                                  Audio Sample

12. Thanksgiving Prayer                     Audio Sample