CD: Glorious - Organ music The Mother Church

CD: Glorious - Organ music

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Glorious: Bryan Ashley plays the Aeolian Skinner organ of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. The title says it all! Hear the magnificent sound one of the world's largest pipe organs. The 15 pieces on this CD are representative of different eras and composers and showcase the innumerable tonal possibilities of this awesome instrument. Whether the listener is a connoisseur of organ music, or a novice, this CD is sure to delight. 

Videos About Glorious

WATCH VIDEO about the making of Glorious (6.25 min)

WATCH VIDEO Behind the Scenes Tour of the Organ (5.13 min)

WATCH VIDEO Conversation with Organist Bryan Ashley (4.21 min)

WATCH VIDEO Music in Christian Science churches (4.21 min)

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