CD: Somewhere to Begin by Andrew James

  • CD: Somewhere to Begin by Andrew James
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Inspired by pop and rock music, singer-songwriter Andrew James has written new arrangements for some well-known hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal and performs them on Somewhere to Begin. Songs, and hymns in particular, have always been sources of hope, inspiration, and healing. The CD has 11 songs, including "All is Well," "Onward Christian Soldiers," "He Leadeth Me," "What Is Thy Birthright Man," and "Communion Hymn" by Mary Baker Eddy. 

Listen to samples:
Communion Doxology (0:29)
He Leadeth Me (0:29)
O Dreamer, Leave Thy Dreams (0:29)
Onward Christian Soldiers (0:29)
What Is Thy Birthright Man (0:29)
I'm a Pilgrim and I'm a Stranger (0:29)
Communion Hymn (0:29)
All Is Well (0:29)
In Heavenly Love Abiding (0:29)
In Mercy, In Goodness (0:29)

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