Christian Science Hymnal Supplement (430-462) (Spiral)

Christian Science Hymnal Supplement (430-462) (Spiral)

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This Supplement offers 33 new hymns for Christian Science services - the first in 76 years since the current Hymnal was published in 1932. They add to the inspiration and healing message of the Hymnal and are numbered consecutively to follow the 1932 edition.

Several committees carefully reviewed and edited these new selections for metaphysical accuracy and musical quality including buoyancy, freshness, youthfulness, gender neutrality (where possible), diversity, and global elements. Texts include new settings of five of Mrs. Eddy's poems, five other familiar hymn texts, several poems that have appeared in Christian Science publications, original poems, as well as hymns borrowed from other hymnals.

The music settings include a variety of traditional as well as contemporary musical styles such as country, pop, and jazz with syncopation, "blue" notes, contemporary harmonic progressions, and folk tunes arrangements (Scottish, American, African, Caribbean). The slightly lower singing range makes these hymns generally easier for congregational singing. It is written for piano/organ accompaniment; some hymns also include chord notation.

Includes Indexes of tunes, composers and sources, and first lines, which complement the regular Hymnal.

Spiral Bound
Laminated card stock cover

Also available in large print size as the Organist's Edition

Hymns: 430 - 462


Width: 16 cm (6.2")

Height: 22 cm (8.6")

Depth: 1 cm (0.3")

Weight: 0.177 kg


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