We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Vol 2

  • We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Vol 2
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This compilation of 22 reminiscences about Mary Baker Eddy brings to life a dynamic period of nearly 25 years when her accomplishments included establishing a spiritual foundation for the governance of her Church with the Church Manual, and founding a newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor.

Readers will find compelling accounts of interactions with Mary Baker Eddy that shed a new light on her and her life. These early workers share an intriguing perspective on their own lives, and their accounts illustrate the enduring commitment and unswerving loyalty they expressed. 640 pages long, includes introduction, author biographies, 75 photographs and illustrations, endnotes and index. Included are the following reminiscences: 
Anna B. White Baker, Adam Dickey, Joseph Eastaman, Mary Eastaman, Mary Eaton, Emma Estes, Lida Fitzpatrick, Lydia Hall, Septimus Hanna, George Kinter, Joseph Mann, Edward Everett Norwood, Laura C. Nourse, Julia E. Prescott, William Rathvon, Charles D. Reynolds, Victoria Sargent, Jennie Sawyer, Minnie Scott, Clara Shannon, Adelaide Still, and Janette Weller.
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