Pamphlet: Engaging with The Christian Science Monitor

Pamphlet: Engaging with The Christian Science Monitor

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Themed collection sold to Reading Rooms in packages of 3.

" injure no man, but to bless all mankind": Mary Baker Eddy's vision for The Christian Science Monitor, is as relevant today as ever. This vision is explored in a collection of classic and contemporary articles from the Christian Science periodicals. 

This booklet is designed to be a tool kit of specific ways individuals can use the Monitor to expand their prayers—to construct a better view of the world and partake in the healing mission of the Monitor. Hear from Monitor readers, reporters and editors about how they bring the power of prayer to bear on their activities. Engage with the Monitor as it begins its second century of blessing "all mankind." 

The Purpose of the Monitor

  • "The Christian Science Monitor – an Idea that Advances Humanity" Mary Metzner Trammell
  • "To lighten all mankind’: 100 Years of The Christian Science Monitor" Judy Huenneke
  • "The Christian Science Monitor" Archibald McLellan
  • "A Light for the World" Richard Bergenheim
"…to bless all mankind"
  • "A Century-Young News Mission" Panel of Monitor reporters and editors
  • "Wanted: Global Samaritans" Abraham McLaughlin
  • "The Christian Science Monitor - a Prophetic Voice" Takashi Oka
  • "The Monitor and Universal Salvation" Sara Terry

The Healing Impact of the Monitor
  • "The Christian Science Monitor: Its Healing Impact on Individual Lives" James J. Bencivenga
  • "The Christian Science Monitor and How it Helps Us" Helen R. Conroyd
  • "The Monitor and You" Channing Walker


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