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Place is a pamphlet reprint of classic articles with a contemporary testimony added.  Share this themed collection with anyone seeking peace about their right place. It can serve as a starting point to refute uncertainty and fear about employment, finances and any discordant situation to gain a calm understanding of God as the constant source of all good.

Table of Contents

"The secret place of the most High" - Jeanette F. Sutton
"Place Prepared of the Father," - Raymond S. Marsh
"In Our Right Place," - Richard H. Strain
"Man's Real Place," - Donald I. Macdonald
"Father, You Lead," (poem) - Norman H. Williams Jr.
Testimony of Healing

This pamphlet is designed to fit in a pocket or purse. Paperback. 

The cover's background depicts The Christian Science Publishing House in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


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