CD: Be Still and Know - The Sacred Songs of Martin Broones

CD: Be Still and Know - The Sacred Songs of Martin Broones

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Thoughtful words and music composed by Martin Broones express uplifting messages through piano and solo voices.
This collection of inspirational songs was composed by Martin Broones, a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science. He was known for his musical work in movies, TV, and theatre, and as director of Hollywood's first Music Department at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Produced by Peter Link, each song is set to piano accompaniment with beautiful solo voices. Includes lovely melodies, inspiring words, and glorious performances by Julia Wade, Jennifer Foster and many others.

Listen to samples:
Be Still and Know (0:30)
As a Child (0:30)
The Perfect Man (0:30)
Be Joyful (0:30)
Under His Wing (0:30)
I Cannot Fall (0:30)
In Remembrance (0:30)
Let No Walls Divide (0:30)
This Is the Time to Pray (0:30)
In the Secret Place (0:30)
The Everlasting Arms (0:30)
The Lord's Prayer (0:30)
Turn to the Lord (0:30)
The Prodigal Son (0:30)

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